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FIFe show Austria, Biedermannsdorf, 15.+16. 6. 2019

A´Deja Vu Nova Axis Star - CAP + BIV neuter + BIS neuter
Enjoy Perfect Basteta - Ex1 + BIS kitten 4-7 months

A´Deja Vu Nova Axis Star - CAP + BIV neuter + BIS neuter + Best Of Best 1
Enjoy Perfect Basteta - Ex1 + BIV total + BIS kitten 4-7 months

Cromwell Leo Axis Star, CZ

Grand interchampion
Junior Winner 2018
Nacional Winner 2018
Hungarian Winner 2018

Thank you very much Franz & Jutta Fürst for your exclusive care and big love.

!! Happy !! Happy !! Happy !!
Let me introduce another National winner in Axis Star

NW SC Kenan Best Laguna Leo JW DVM is NATIONAL WINNER 2018

My lovely S´Ally BJ Axis Star is the Best breeding female kat. 2 in Turok, Finland

thank you Pia Peltola for all your love and care

International cat show in Beroun 9.+10.2.2019

Daytona Leo Axis Star
on her first show in adult cats (10 months and 5 days) started very well.

Saturday - first CAC + nomination and BEST IN SHOW FEMALE
Sunday - again won BEST IN SHOW FEMALE

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