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- news 2017 - 2018 -


We are back at home from the biggest Czech FIFe show Olomouc
(more than 470 cats, 74 mainecoons cats

Saturday :
Kenan Best Laguna Leo - CACS, BIV, BIS male and he is now Distinguished variety Merit
Beatrice Leo Axis Star - CAGCIB, BIV, BIS female
Daytona Leo Axis Star - Ex1, BIV, nomination 7-10 months

Sunday - Breed BIS MCO :
Kenan Best Laguna Leo - CACS, BIV, BIS male
Beatrice Leo Axis Star - CAGCIB, BIV, BIS female, Breed BIS MCO, BIC II, BEST of BEST 
Daytona Leo Axis Star - Ex1, BIV, nomination 7-10 months

MVK Hradec Králové, CZ

Daytona Leo Axis Star*CZ

Saturday - Ex1 + nomination for Best in Show
Sunday - Ex1 + BIV + nomination +  Best in Show 7-10 months

Thanks a lot Zdenka for love, care and showing!

FIFe World show Finland, Tampere

Cromwell Leo Axis Star JW - Ex 1, BIV 4-10 months

Big congratulation to owner, I am so proud mom!

NW GIC Kenan Best Laguna Leo JW
3 weekend shows (Ostrava, Pardubice, Karlovy Vary) - 6 shows, - 6 BIV, 6 BIS, 6 BOB

This weekend is really very successful for cattery AXIS STAR

 Cashira Leo Axis Star, CZ
at her first WCF show in France
Prix Special, Best in Show and BEST of BEST 2

Cromwell Leo Axis Star, CZ
at FIFe show Viničné, Slovakia
2 Ex1, 2x Best in variety total, 2x Best in Show 4 - 7

Thank the new owners Susanna Borreill and family Fúrst
for all the love and care and I wish a lot of show successes

FIFe Show Ostrava

NW GIC Kenan Best Laguna Leo JW
1.day - CAGCIB, BIV total, Best in show, BEST of BEST 2
2.day - CACE,BIV total, Best in show all votes, Best in category, BEST of BEST 3

Calderon leo Axis Star - 2x EX 1


Super weekend on FIFe show Plzeň 28. + 29. 7.
we are very proud of our cats, nice to meet all our friends

Kenan Best Laguna Leo - 2x CAGCIB, 2x BIV total, 2x nom. BIS and BIS adult male (Sunday)
litter C Axis Star - BIS litter
Calderon Leo Axis Star - Ex1, nom
Arya Leo Axis Star - last CAC, she is Champion
Beatrice Leo Axis Star - 2x CAC, BIV total

Haidy Harlequin Bianco Dux

S'Ally BJ Axis Star
Big day for my princess at Turok catshow

and she was BEST BREEDING FEMALE kat 2

Bolton Leo Axis Star, CZ

TICA show - Colorado, Denver

Best Mainecoon kitten in 9 of 12 rings
10 of 12 finals rings - 6 specialty (longhair), 4 all breed out of 26 kittens

Our new Junior Winner
Beatrice Leo Axis Star

Viničné, SK
2x Ex1 + 2x BIV + 2x BIS 4-7months + 2x BOB 1

FIFe show Brno, 11. + 12. 11. 2017
Our kittens didn´t really lose in the big world of exhibitions

Arya Leo Axis Star - 2x Ex1, 2x BIV and BEST in SHOW 4-7
Beatrice Leo Axis Star - Ex1, BIV and BEST in SHOW 4-7
Bolton Leo Axis Star - 2x Ex1, 2x nom. to BEST in SHOW

All the voices on the panel were for our cats only on Saturday Arya won over Bolton 3 : 2
and on Sunday Brittany did beat her brother Bolton and halfsister Arya 2 : 1: 1

We are back at home from WS in Netherland.
We are tired, but sooo proud of our cat show team

NW SC A´Deja Vu Nova Axis Star JW DVM DSM
the best of 3 males in class 1, but he lost BIV with wonderful scandinavian winner maincoon male from Italia

NW SP SC Willow Nova Axis Star DVM DSM - won Best in variety of 15 !!!!! neuters

Y´Ulia De Axis Star - Ex2 of 4 kittens

Arya Leo Axis Star - Ex1 of 5 kittens (she was the youngest kitten of this class)

Show Karlovy Vary - 16. + 17. 9. 2017

We are really very proud of our show stars cats!

A´Deja Vu Nova Axis Star   +   Kenan Best Laguna Leo
Y´Ulia De Axis Star   +   W'Asabi Magic Axis Star

2 days - 4 cats:
5x Best in variety   +   7x nomination   +   2x BIS

S´Ally BJ Axis Star, CZ

FIN, Turok 2017 - best female and best breeding female

EC EP Raven Alwaro, PL DVM DSM

4. 1. 2002 - 28. 8. 2017

You will be in our hearts forever ...

We are so proud ...

Gr Ch N'Icco de Axis Star, CZ
was awarded 5th Stud Of The Year at this Year's Southern Africa Cat Council Cat Of The Year

 Welcome home
Let me introduce our new star

Honey Devil Xanthini

Thank you Julia Eliseeva for this sweetheart

Super weekend from Cat show in Bojkovice

I´Ronnie Nova Axis Star - 2x CACS, 2x nom., 1x BIS. Best in SHOW
S´Aiko BJ Axis Star - 2x CAC /3 cats/, 2x BIV, 2x nom. BIS, 1x BEST in Show
Kenan Best Laguna Leo - 2x CAC, 2x BIV


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